You Grow When You Know

Empower yourself to be more profitable with accounting acumen

⌚ How much is your time worth?

💸 How much should you be putting away for taxes?

📑 What's the difference between an LLC and an S Corp?

👩‍💻 Which accounting software is best for your needs?

Could you answer the following questions right now? If not, then you're in the right place!

Let awesome Accounting Firm Owner and Profit Strategist, Paige Papaioannou, teach you the basic concepts you'll need to successfully track your freelance finances and make better business decisions.

Stop Making Business Decisions without Data

Plan ahead. Profit more.

You started freelancing because you wanted the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. You learned quickly that being a freelancer is more than just being a talent for hire, though. You’re amazing at what you do, but you're worried that you're not making the most profitable choices. Let an expert in bookkeeping and scaling freelance businesses guide you!
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What Will You Get?

With your purchase of Bookkeeping and Business Basics, you'll get instant access to the online program, which includes...

  • Expert advice and strategies taught through a variety of multimedia

  • A self-paced go-at-your-own pace program

  • A toolkit of templates and resources

Your Instructor

Owner of Books by Paige LLC Paige Papaioannou

Paige Papaioannou is the owner of Books by Paige, a virtual bookkeeping and accounting solution. We pride ourselves in being dependable, diligent, and detail-oriented.

Make More Profitable Decisions

by Knowing What's in Your Books

  • Business Registration

    Should I register my freelance business as an LLC? Or maybe an SCorp? Or a DBA? What's the difference?

  • Income & Expenses

    How should I record my earnings and expenses? What should I keep in mind when making financial decisions for my freelance business?

  • Taxes

    How is paying taxes as a freelancer different than paying as a full-time employee?

What's Inside?

The Curriculum

  • The Business Mindset

  • How to start a business (legal & tax structures)

  • How to track finances

  • How to deal with taxes

  • Goal Setting

The potential to save yourself hundreds of dollars

for less than it costs to spend an hour with a CPA .

Tax Deductible Training

If you're freelancing already, this course may qualify as a deductible expense, under professional development.

*Confirm with your tax professional, of course