You're committed to advancing in your career as a learning designer, and you know just how important it is to keep learning. But you're also busy!

That's where the Upskill Experience comes in. In just an hour and a half, you can build valuable skills that will drive your business forward.

Our LIVE virtual workshops and short self study courses are hosted by experts in the field who are excited about helping you learn. In 90 minutes, they'll show you the ropes, answer your questions, and focus on the things that are important to you.

If you're ready to grow as a professional and offer your clients more value, then wait no more. Sign up today!

Skill up. Scale up.

The time is now! If you're ready to grow as a professional and offer your clients more value, then wait no more.

What's in a Workshop?

Up your value by upping your skills in just 90 minutes

  • Live Instructor

    This is a live workshop NOT a pre-recorded webinar. You'll get real instruction from a real person who can answer your questions and target the areas of interest that are important to you.

  • Downloadables

    In addition to the presentation, you'll get a play-along downloadable workbook, chock full of information and exercises. You can follow along with the instruction during the workshop and then practice after the event.

  • Portal Access

    With your registration, you'll get one month of platform access, which includes discussion boards to chat with your 'shop mates and after-the-event updates.

What Our Learners are Saying

Engaging, Informative and Timely

by Yolanda F., Director of Training & Development

I randomly met Nicole through LinkedIn. She commented on a post that I shared about being familiar with using Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx to host virtual training. I let her know that at my new organization, they would like to use Zoom and Zoom Webinar. This required that I quickly upskill! It needed to happen with a day because the following day, I was helping to design and carry out a webinar. Ironically, Nicole was hosting a virtual workshop on using Zoom for virtual training that very day! Her session was perfect in every way – engaging, informative and timely. I highly recommend her training workshop.

Completed "Storied" in 90 Minutes

Chaitra Dixit, Learning & Development Content Specialist

Who doesn't like to wake up to a story? Though I am not a morning person but still the excitement in me made it possible to get ready for the workshop at 3:30 AM today. Well, it was an amazing workshop on "Story-telling in E-learning" hosted by Nicole Papaioannou Lugara.Thank you for a thought provoking and an immersive learning workshop Nicole. I was completely "Storied" in about 90 mins session.

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