Do any of these sound like you?

  • I want to start freelancing as an instructional designer, and I know I need a brand, but I have no clue where to start.

  • I'm an L&D professional on the job market, and I really want to wow potential employers. There's so much competition out there!

  • I want my digital products to have cohesive branding so that they feel more professional and attract more buyers.

  • I've been racking my brain for weeks, but I'm afraid to commit to a brand because I can't figure out my niche.

If so, then the Build a Brand Toolkit was built for you.

Create a Standout Brand

Separate Yourself from the Competition with a Story that Speaks
with the Build a Brand Toolkit

  • Craft a Brand Story

    Develop your brand narrative through a series of prompts that dive deep into who you are, what problems you solve, and who you help.

  • Design a Brand Identity

    Determine the look and feel of your brand and put them into a brand guideline document that you can easily share when working with others.

  • Increase Visibility

    Grow your online presence so that the right people notice your brand and you can get to working with projects and people that light you up.

Everything You Need to Design Your Brand

...and then some

The Build a Brand Toolkit was designed especially for learning industry professionals. Inside, you'll find a 25-page digital workbook, plug n play style guide template, social media prompts, branding inspiration, and additional resources that will help you craft your unique vision.

Dream big. Start doing.

Build a brand you love in less time.

Whether it's help figuring out what you'd be good at, who you want to work with, how to improve visibility, what to put in your portfolio, or ways to grow your business once you've built a brand, you'll find the information you need in the Build a Brand Toolkit.

What's Covered?

How to strategically craft the critical components of an attractive brand for a learning industry pro

  • Clarifying your brand vision

  • Telling your brand story

  • Naming your brand

  • Designing your brand identity

  • Standardizing with a style guide

  • Boosting your visibility with social media

  • Growing your business with a plan

  • Places to go for inspiration and info

What's Inside?

Over 40 pages of tools, tips, and templates that will take you from "What do I do now?" to "What can I do next?"

  • Interactive Workbooks

    Downloadable PDF workbooks that walk through every step of the brand design process with prompts that will help you get clarity on your vision and the actionable steps you need to take to carry it out.

  • Plug n Play Templates

    Templates you can use to design your brand guidelines, choose the elements of your brand identity, and share your brand with creative partners. Ensure consistency across your content.

  • Bonus material

    Everything from social media prompts to inspiring influencers to articles on all things branding and a whole bunch of inspiring things in between. The toolkit has everything you need to draft, design, and display your brand.


  • Is this a video course?

    No, this is a toolkit. You'll find a workbook full of hands-on prompts to guide you through the reflection and decision-making process. You'll also find templates you can adapt and use in your business.

    When it comes to branding, the process is a lot of deep thinking, reflecting, and refining the vision, which is why we've opted for this style of content. Plus, you can download everything and keep it forever.

  • Is this toolkit only for freelancers?

    No, while the Build a Brand Toolkit is a great resource for freelance learning professionals, it can also be leveraged to design a "personal brand" as a professional, the kind that attracts recruiters and others looking to acquire top talent.

  • Will this just show me how to pick brand colors and make a logo?

    No! Logos and colors may be part of your brand identity, but they aren't your brand. This toolkit is really about clarifying the things that are important to you, your messaging, and the ways in which you want people to interact with your brand.

    It will also help you plan how to promote your brand and develop your brand as your business grows.

Now Just $47!

Build your story. Shape your brand identity. Get noticed.