From Data to Design is the unique 9-week independent study program that takes you from instructional designer to learning strategist by showing you how to analyze needs, consult clients, and support projects so that you can level up your learning design and your career.

Before I tell you all about this awesome program, let's talk about who it's really for...

You're a thoughtful learning professional who got into the field to make a positive impact on the lives of others. You're tired of creating content that you don't actually believe helps the learners, and you're ready to take the lead in order to deliver more impactful learning experiences.

Whether you're...

--> an experienced Instructional Designer who's been spending most of your time creating courses or content...

--> a Trainer who wants to do more than deliver ILT and virtual training sessions...

--> a developing Instructional Designer who wants to learn strategic consulting skills to advance in your career...

--> a Teacher or Professor who wants to transition into corporate instructional design...

--> an eLearning Developer who wants to architect learning solutions...

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how From Data to Design will give you the tools, strategies, and unparalleled support on your journey from order taker to decision maker.

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Developed a process for strategic data collection and analysis

  • Identified the major needs of private business in order to create solutions that deliver ROI

  • Built a toolkit of training solutions and performance interventions you can use to create meaningful learning experiences

  • Written survey and interview questions that yield productive feedback

  • Crafted design documentation that clearly conveys your vision to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders

  • Practiced pitching solutions and responding to objections

  • Embraced your role as an expert in learning design so that you can start consulting to your full potential

But don't take it from me...

Here's what participants had to say.

Highly Recommend

Lacy S., Instructional Designer

I learned more about the business side of things from this one course than I did in the last few years. THANK YOU Nicole! I highly recommend this course- it was worth every dollar!

You Will Find Value in This Course

Lindsey S., Instructional Designer & Agency Owner

I have 10+ years of experience as an instructional designer and have recently begun consulting. I have followed Nicole's brand for awhile now and was excited to enroll in From Data to Design. I wasn't sure what to expect or how valuable the course would be. Let me tell you, Nicole did NOT disappoint! Her enthusiasm, organization of course materials, industry knowledge, high quality templates and downloads, expert opinion, and passion for truly getting to the root of performance issues, have proven to be an invaluable resource for me! I am confident I will return to these course materials and use the knowledge and information I gained in this course for months and years to come. Whether you're just starting out, or you've been at it for awhile, I confidently believe you will find value in this course.

Real World Scenarios & Guidance

Kevin C., Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

Needs Analysis 101 provides needed skills to understand how to connect with SME with real world scenarios while also providing guidance and materials you can use immediately. I highly recommend it to anyone planning on entering instructional design.

What Real Consulting Clients are Saying

The From Data to Design process works!
Just ask my clients.

Understands the Customer

M.K. Larsen, Owner of MK Larsen Public Speaking

When I look for a designer I look for someone who listens, someone who collaborates, someone who is knowledgeable, someone who is creative, and someone who understands my customer. All of that plus a friendly demeanor is what I got with Nicole.

Making eLearning Feel like a Blended Solution

Meghan C., eLearning Program Manager

We were on a call with our partner's SVP of Clinical Solutions (recently named one of the top 25 women leaders in healthcare software), and she was impressed by the approach you took with the courses – creating tangible, personalized action plans, reinforcing the ideas throughout the courses, making them feel more like a blended solution, and including videos to make the more relatable. It really resonated with them.

Presented with Critical Questions

Christen B., Intercultural Consultant

Nicole essentially presented me with the critical questions I needed to answer about the specific objectives of the project before it could be properly designed. She gave be a "bird's eye view" of the process and what would be ahead. She is obviously very experienced and knowledgable about this space. A perfect consultant!

Hears What I'm Saying

David Page, Co-Founder of RE+AL

Nicole "hears" what I am saying (which sometimes is confusing even to me) and then makes it so. Nicole is a strategic thinker and executes flawlessly. And topping it off- is a pleasure to work with.

Learn my proven method for data gathering, starting with a simple 4-part framework for needs analysis and an easy-to-implement schedule of events. Start thinking like a consultant.

We’ll talk about how to discover what an organization really needs and how to work with stakeholders to identify critical goals-- and you’ll get some hands-on practice. This is also where you’ll find the first course assignment that you’ll need to complete if you’re interested in getting personalized feedback.

Moving beyond simple questions of “what do they need to know,” we’ll dive deep into what it really means to address performance in the workplace and in your learning solutions.

We’ll uncover better ways to get the data we need about learners and learning goals. We’ll also walk through common mistakes IDs make when crafting surveys and interview questions.

Once you’ve gathered all the data, your job isn’t done. This lesson will help you identify key data points for analysis and practical solutions for common business problems. We'll also walk through solution mapping (the "not always training" alternative to curriculum design).

If you have a great solution, but you can’t get buy in, then your solution will never get implemented, so in this lesson, we’ll walk through how to present your recommendations and how to manage common objections. You'll also get tools that will help you get folks to “see” the bigger picture and get approval early on.

It’s not enough just to pitch a design and have it accepted. If you want it successfully adopted, you have to support your project with strategic communications, consulting, and (sometimes) project management. In this lesson, we’ll review strategies and key questions to help you lead effectively.

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you'll get...

From Data to Design

(A $983 value)
  • 7 Strategy-Building Modules showing you how to embrace your expertise and guide your client to great learning solutions

  • An easy to follow 4-Part Framework for collecting the data you need to make the best decisions

  • Next level pitching, consulting, and project support strategies to foster positive business relationships and referrals

  • The opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion so that you can show off your new skills

You'll be given access to one module per week (except on catch up week)- so that you have the time to dive deep into the concepts and practice key skills BEFORE moving on to the next critical step.

I do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that affects so many folks when participating in online programs.

I want you to feel challenged without feeling left behind, and I want you to feel ready to implement your favorite strategies on the job.

Plus these bonuses

to help speed up your workflow and level up your solutions

  • 10 Weeks of Live QA with Nicole Inside the Private From Data to Design Community for Members Only

    Not only will you have access to a private community of motivated peers, but you'll get weekly live QAs with Nicole every Tuesday for nine weeks. Even though the program is asynchronous, you can find support and answers to your questions on our Facebook group.

  • Templates & Plug N Plays

    Templates, templates, and more templates that you can use in your real work. You'll find templates for 4 different types of data gather, meetings, solutions design, proposing and pitching, and consulting. These are built from the real tools used by Your Instructional Designer to consult real clients.

  • Click Up Project Management Training

    ClickUp is one of the most powerful affordable (starting at FREE) tools for project management. In this training, you’ll learn how to create spaces to manage tasks and keep a birds eye view of project health so that you can lead your clients and colleagues to success. You’ll also get a Project Plug n Play Space, so that you can started without having to build from scratch.

And you'll be backed by a 14 day risk-free guarantee.

From Data to Design is the only program of its kind, focusing specifically on the work of needs analysis, dedicated to helping instructional designers, trainers, and developers level up in their careers through strategic consulting.

Our community is filled with supportive go-getters, who want long term L&D career success. When you join From Data to Design, you'll be part of this amazing group.

But here's the thing.

By the end of 14 days, you'll have received access to the ClickUp Project Management Training, as well as the first two modules.

Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to start developing your analysis skills BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel confident that this program will help you level up in your L&D career, simply reach out, show us the work, and we'll refund your investment. Find more information here >>


  • I'm new to instructional design. Will these concepts be too advanced for me?

    This program is totally for you! The concepts in From Data to Design are broken down in a way that they can be used by someone just starting or someone experienced. With the self-paced lessons, you'll be able to take as much time as you need to learn the concepts, and you can always submit questions for more explanation to our private Facebook community.

  • Will I learn how to develop content for eLearning and improve my visual design?

    Those skills are important, but From Data to Design is focused on analysis and learning solutions design at a high level. This course will not focus on content development.

    I can, however, recommend Scripting Voiceover for Video if you'd like to dive further into writing for ID. Check it out on the Upskill Experience homepage.

  • I'm busy / on a different time zone. Will I need to attend live sessions?

    No! Everything in this course is go-at-your-own pace. Live Q&A is offered weekly via our private Facebook community, but those videos will remain up for you to review.

  • I hate when online courses are just "watch this video then take this quiz." How is this program structured?

    Me too! From Data to Design was thoughtfully designed to prepare you for real work on the job.

    While there are some instructional videos in the course content, there are also many opportunities for practice, as well as resources to support your journey outside the course. This includes templates, worksheets, scenarios, projects, and more.

  • Can I earn a certificate to show I've mastered needs analysis?

    Yes! Turn in the required assignments for a chance to earn the From Data to Design Certificate of Completion that you can share to show off your skills and success.

  • When I join, will I get immediate access to all of the modules, lessons, and templates?

    Not right away. When you join, you'll immediately be added into the From Data to Design course. On Day 1, you'll find just the Welcome area unlocked. As soon as the cohort officially begins, modules will unlock once per week. This is done purposefully to help you focus on building one skill before moving on to the next and prevent the overwhelm that causes folks to quit. There will be plenty to do each week.

  • Will the instructor be available and accessible to answer all of my questions if I get stuck?

    Each week, Nicole will answer questions during the weekly Live QA in the From Data to Design Private Members Only Community. You can also pose questions to the group for your peers to answer. If you want in-depth individualized attention, check out some of the Your Instructional Designer coaching packages.

You should give From Data to Design
a 14-day risk free try if you’re motivated
by any of the following:

You want to increase your earning potential as a learning industry professional.

You're done working on $20/hour development projects. You're over applying for $50k per year ID jobs. You know that this is a knowledge economy, and you're ready to unleash your 6-figure strategist potential.

You want to create learning that matters.

You got into this field to help people, and you don't feel that you've been able to give them your best because you've been stuck delivering assigned solutions instead of creating them. You're ready to make an impact with learning that addresses real needs.

You're craving the ability to be more creative in your work.

You enjoy the strategy and critical thinking work involved in performing analysis and designing real solutions, and you want to make that work a major part of your career.

You're ready to advance in your career.

You want career growth. But as an ID or trainer or eLearning developer, there's just not a lot of room for advancement into leadership. You're ready to be seen as more than a content maker. You want to be a strategic partner.

I personally cannot wait to watch you blossom over the next 9 weeks...

Stepping into consulting changed my life for the better. I stopped being frustrated with the things I couldn't change and started working with clients who were open to my vision. I feel productive and proud of the work I do now, and most importantly, I feel like I'm really making a difference in the lives of others with my work.

I want that for you. And so, I hope you'll join me on this 8-week journey From Data to Design. If you're still with me here, I already know that you're a go-getter. I know that you're ready for the work that goes into needs analysis, consulting clients, and designing impactful learning experiences. And I know that you're ready to advance in your career. I truly look forward to watching you grow.

All My Best,

Nicole Papaioannou Lugara
Owner, Your Instructional Designer
Nicole Papaioannou Lugara at desk

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